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More Payment Methods Coming

Filed under: Development

These new options are now available in the latest beta release. I’ve been a bit delayed in getting the next beta release out, but was able to spare a bit of time this evening to work on a few payment modules that have been requested. They have not been released yet as all need testing, […]

Affiliate Proposal, 1st Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

Please note that this entry refers to the affiliate program used to sell the OIOpublisher ad manager, as opposed to the affiliate module offered with the script. As mentioned in the previous entry, we’ve been looking at different ways to improve the affiliate program for users. We’ve now come up with an initial proposal, which […]

Good Month for Affiliates

Filed under: Affiliates

January’s 90% commission offer is now over, and I can safetly say we learnt quite a bit about our affiliate program during the month! We had some good points (including lots of sales) and a few not so good points, but overall it was a positive experience. All affiliates will be credited with the standard […]

New Theme, what do you think?

Filed under: Beta

I know many people don’t like the look of the purchase area in OIO, so here’s a preview of a much improved version. Click on the link below to see it and give us your feedback! New Theme for OIOpublisher v2.1 NB: this theme can now be downloaded as part of the latest beta download

OIOpublisher Beta Program

Filed under: Beta

The Beta program enables you to get hold of the latest OIO features before they are officially released, and is a great way to help test and improve the ad platform. How do I install the beta software? Simply login to your account, go to the download page and select the “beta” option. You can […]