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OIO and Bad Behaviour

Filed under: Wordpress Conflicts

This is the first post in a series that looks at potential problems that OIO can have with other well-known WordPress plugins. You can see the entire series here. Bad Behaviour is a plugin used by many security-conscious WordPress blog owners to restrict access to the blog. One of the ways it does that is […]

What’s next? User Development!

Filed under: Community, Development

Don’t get me wrong, I like OIO… But I want to make it better. To do that, I’m going to need your help. After releasing one more version in the current series (now released as v2.2), I’m going to be rolling out what I can only describe as a “blog wiki” style section of the […]

Valuable User Contributions

Filed under: Community

I’ve been quite busy lately, and as such haven’t done too much with OIO in the weeks following the official release of v2.1 (other than bug fixing). This evening I had a quick glance around for articles on “the world’s favourite ad manager” (trademarked in advance for the time it becomes true!). I was pleasantly […]

Coupon Codes in May

Filed under: Affiliates

A quick reminder that the affiliate coupon codes for May are now live. All affiliates will receive their updated code in the monthly email report. You can also view the code by logging into your account and clicking on the Affiliate Stats link. This means that all April codes have now expired, and are no […]

Bug Release this Weekend

Filed under: Development

The release of the latest version (v2.1) has gone well, and it seems that users are enjoying the new features and look. Even though we had a beta period, a couple of bugs made their way into the official release. It’s always stuck me that the first official release is the time when most of […]