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WordPress Theme Integration

Filed under: Beta, Development

This is one thing that I’m often asked about – how do you integrate the OIO purchase process with your WordPress theme? Well, now it’s very easy! >> Rather than try and explain it in words, check out the image below (click it to view full size). If you want to try it out for […]

OIO and WP-super-cache

Filed under: Wordpress Conflicts

This is the second post in a series that looks at potential problems that OIO can have with other well-known WordPress plugins. You can see the entire series here. Yesterday I had a report of a problem with OIO, which turned out to be caused by wp-super-cache. The file caching meant that OIO stats tracking […]

OIO v3, collab site launched

Filed under: Community, Development

I’m pleased to announce that the first phase of the user collaboration site (initially mentioned here) is now ready for action. The purpose of this site will be to gather ideas and feedback in order to create a brand new version of the OIOpublisher ad manager; packed with more features, more customisation options and even […]

Looking Forward: php 4 or 5?

Filed under: Development, Focus Group

In developing OIO, I have stayed away from any php5 specific features, to make sure the script remained compatible with as many servers as possible. However, with an overhaul on the horizon, it seems like a good time to re-think that stance. The main argument for maintaining php4 compatibility (as WordPress does) is that is […]

OIOpublisher 2.2 Released

Filed under: Development

The latest version of OIO is now available for download. It is also the last planned release before the user orientated re-development program begins, and as such does not contain a lot of new features. >> If upgrading the script manually, click here to see the upgrade tutorial. Offline payment module After requests from a […]