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New Payment Module – AlertPay

Filed under: Development

A new OIO payment module is now available for download – either separately or via the main download link – using the AlertPay.com payment processor. The module will allow you to manage all one-off / subscription purchases with AlertPay automatically (in the same way that the existing PayPal module does). If you have any problems […]

OIO 2.26 (bug fix)

Cause: a 3rd party web service (used to grab the location of a user) has been inaccessible lately, causing OIO to hang when running. Solution: upgrade to v2.26. The standard upgrade procedure is to simply upload the new files over the top of the old ones. A step-by-step upgrade tutorial is also available here. What […]

OIO Advertiser Stats (demo)

Filed under: Community

The other day I happened to be browsing the search analytics for OIOpublisher (something I don’t pay nearly enough attention to) and noticed that one of the top ranked “questions” being searched was what do OIO advertiser stats looked like. As you’d expect, it was quite difficult to find any examples (you have to go […]

Back to work on v3

Filed under: Development

After a couple of months of being unable to work on the new version of OIO, I’m glad to say I’m now able to get back to it. I’m currently in the process of building a library of re-usable components that will deal with most of the laborious tasks automatically (the backbone of the opensource […]

OIO “addons” WordPress plugin

Filed under: Development

Every so often I get requests for little additions for OIO. I’ve therefore just released a small plugin that tackles a few such requests in one go. They are not meant to be full blown features, but helpers for certain issues – such as integrating OIO with WPMU. The main features are: 1.) Integrate a […]