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Looking Forward: php 4 or 5?

Filed under: Development, Focus Group

In developing OIO, I have stayed away from any php5 specific features, to make sure the script remained compatible with as many servers as possible. However, with an overhaul on the horizon, it seems like a good time to re-think that stance. The main argument for maintaining php4 compatibility (as WordPress does) is that is […]

OIOpublisher 2.2 Released

Filed under: Development

The latest version of OIO is now available for download. It is also the last planned release before the user orientated re-development program begins, and as such does not contain a lot of new features. >> If upgrading the script manually, click here to see the upgrade tutorial. Offline payment module After requests from a […]

What’s next? User Development!

Filed under: Community, Development

Don’t get me wrong, I like OIO… But I want to make it better. To do that, I’m going to need your help. After releasing one more version in the current series (now released as v2.2), I’m going to be rolling out what I can only describe as a “blog wiki” style section of the […]

Bug Release this Weekend

Filed under: Development

The release of the latest version (v2.1) has gone well, and it seems that users are enjoying the new features and look. Even though we had a beta period, a couple of bugs made their way into the official release. It’s always stuck me that the first official release is the time when most of […]

OIOpublisher v2.1 Released

Filed under: Development

The first official release of v2.1 is now available for download. The changelog from the previous stable version can be found below: v2.10.b1 (beta release) – new beta program established – removal of excess componenets (socialposts & viralblogads modules) – improved ad expiration process v2.10.b2 (beta release) – added several new payment options (google checkout, […]