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WordPress 3.0.2 (activation issue)

A change in the latest version of WordPress (probably related to one of their security fixes) has caused OIO to break when being activated. You will most likely see the error message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”. This issue is likely to affect all versions of OIO. Here’s what to […]

Customer coupons are here (v2.4)

Filed under: Development

The latest release of OIO sees the inclusion of customer coupon codes. You can now setup your own coupons to give to advertisers, which they can redeem when making a payment. Here’s a break-down of what you can do with coupons: create as many coupon codes as you like use a fixed fee discount (eg. […]

OIO 2.32 – souped up javascript

Filed under: Development

Serving ads using javascript has always been a challenge. You’ll often find ads that display perfectly fine using standard html behave very strangely when using javascript to put them on the page. Take the classic example of google adsense. If you’ve ever tried to display google ads using OIO’s javascript output code, you’ll probably have […]

OIO v2.3 – easy text translation

Filed under: Development

A new version of OIO is now available (v2.3), which includes the ability to translate the you’re your advertisers see directly from the admin area (see demo site). Translating OIO into other languages Rather than having to edit language files manually, you can simply login to the admin area, navigate to Settings -> Languages and […]

Compatibility Fix, WordPress Multi-Site

Filed under: Development

I’ve released OIO v2.28 in order to address a compatibility issue with WordPress 3.0. The issue only affects users running WordPress’ new “multi-site” mode (the replacement for WPMU), which may result in “page not found” errors when loading OIO’s javascript or click tracking features. If you have noticed any such problems after activating multi-site mode, […]