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WordPress Compatibility: FAQs

Filed under: Development

Is OIO compatible with a standard WordPress installation? Yes, the script is fully compatible with any self-hosted version of WordPress, from v2.5 upwards. Is OIO compatible with blogs hosted at WordPress.com? No, WordPress.com does not allow the use of 3rd party plugins on its hosted blogs. Is OIO compatible with WordPress multi-site? Yes, but there […]

OIO v2.55 released

Filed under: Development

This release is primarily aimed at improving the experience for first time users, including some admin navigation improvements. You can download it here. (1) Admin navigation The home page has been re-branded as the “Get started” area. Ad zone configuration has been moved out of the “Settings” tab, into it’s own section (which is also […]

v2.51 – W3TC compatibility

A compatibility issue has been discovered between OIO and a recent version of the W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin, which could cause various OIO features to stop working correctly. 1.) If you’re not using v2.5, upgrade to the latest version. 2.) If you’ve already upgraded to v2.5, you just need to re-upload one file from […]

OIO v2.5 released

Filed under: Development

v2.5 has just been made available in the download area. It sports one new feature from the previous beta; the ability to let advertisers edit their ad once they have purchased. The ad stats page, from where editing can be accessed, has also been upgraded to allow an advertiser to switch between ads (if they […]

v2.5 Beta – cpc, cpm, weighted rotation

Filed under: Beta, Development

OIO v2.5 (beta 1) is now available for download. What new features does v2.5 contain? 1.) Charging models – cost per day, cost per click, cost per impression v2.5 gives you the ability to charge customers per click or per impression, in addition to the standard time-based charge (cost per day). All charging options will […]