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v2.5 Beta – cpc, cpm, weighted rotation

Filed under: Beta, Development

OIO v2.5 (beta 1) is now available for download. What new features does v2.5 contain? 1.) Charging models – cost per day, cost per click, cost per impression v2.5 gives you the ability to charge customers per click or per impression, in addition to the standard time-based charge (cost per day). All charging options will […]

More flexible ad zone output

Filed under: Beta, Development

I’ve been asked on a few occasions during the ideas brainstorm for v3 about being able to display ad zones using different settings to those used in the admin area. For example, I have an ad zone using 125×125 ads, but on one of my sites I want to show the same ad zone using […]

WordPress Theme Integration

Filed under: Beta, Development

This is one thing that I’m often asked about – how do you integrate the OIO purchase process with your WordPress theme? Well, now it’s very easy! >> Rather than try and explain it in words, check out the image below (click it to view full size). If you want to try it out for […]

OIOpublisher 2.1 Beta 2

Filed under: Beta

Is now available for download. Main Changes: 3 new payment options added fixed multiple errors when using php strict error mode forgotten password routine added to standalone mode any links to OIO now include affiliate ID various fixes from user feedback Unresolved Issues: ad availability accuracy [description here] paid review publishing [description here]

New Theme, what do you think?

Filed under: Beta

I know many people don’t like the look of the purchase area in OIO, so here’s a preview of a much improved version. Click on the link below to see it and give us your feedback! New Theme for OIOpublisher v2.1 NB: this theme can now be downloaded as part of the latest beta download