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WordPress Compatibility: FAQs

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Is OIO compatible with a standard WordPress installation?

Yes, the script is fully compatible with any self-hosted version of WordPress, from v2.5 upwards.

Is OIO compatible with blogs hosted at WordPress.com?

No, WordPress.com does not allow the use of 3rd party plugins on its hosted blogs.

Is OIO compatible with WordPress multi-site?

Yes, but there are limitations. OIO will not work correctly as a “network activation”. As long as a standard plugin activation is performed (on a per site basis), it should work just fine.

If you want to show ads across the entire site, rather than using it on a blog by blog basis, it is suggested that you install it on just of your blogs and use OIO’s javascript code to show ads on the others.

Does OIO work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, as long as the theme supports WordPress “header” and “footer” hooks (which every theme should do). To check your theme, follow these instructions.

What if my WordPress theme doesn’t support widgets?

That’s no problem – you can add OIO’s ad code to any part of your WordPress theme manually. Click here to see an example of the php code you would use to add a banner ad zone to your site.

Is the WordPress plugin a separate script from the standalone install?

No, it’s exactly the same script and will automatically load as a WordPress plugin if placed in the “plugins” directory of a WordPress blog.

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39 Comments so far

Ted | May 20, 2009

Will this plug-in work in the Thesis theme?

Simon | May 20, 2009

It should be completely theme independent. The only situation that does arise sometimes is that some themes don’t have the php footer hook in the footer.php theme file:


If it’s not there, you just need to add it directly above the closing tag.

Bill | June 24, 2009

This is something related to the CSS in the theme, but I’m no CSS expert…my text links for ads using OIO are getting bullets placed over the leading character in the title of the ad…any suggestions?

Simon | June 24, 2009

I can’t see any text links that fit the description you mentioned on the site you linked to (money-hacks.com).

If you’ve got an example you could show me, post it on the support forum and I’ll check it out.

Bill | June 26, 2009

I changed a setting in OIO to use a list…that cleared things up enough for me. Thanks!

Melvin | July 11, 2009

hey how about in a blog where the sidebar is not widgetized. Say my theme is not widgetized? will it work as well?

Simon | July 11, 2009

Hi Melvin,

I’ve added that question to the FAQs in the post above. The essential answer is it doesn’t matter if your theme supports widgets, since you can add the OIO ad code manually anywhere you like.

manila street | August 8, 2009


i already have 37 dollars and still saving so i can buy that

:) cheers!

Clayton Kessler | January 6, 2010

Will this program allow me to insert and manage image ads inside posts in addition to the side bar?
If not are there any programs that do help manage ads in the content of posts?

Simon | January 6, 2010

Yes, you can insert ads into your posts, as well as sidebar (or anywhere else on your blog).

There are a couple of options – “inline” ads automatically insert an ad into each post. However, for greater flexibility, check out the addons plugin below. It lets you insert any text / banner ad zone you wish into a post as you
write it:

>> http://blog.oiopublisher.com/2009/12/oio-addons-wordpress-plugin/

After you’ve installed OIO, you just need to upload and activate the addons plugin and you’ll automatically have the extra functionality.

Cracks | March 13, 2010

Could one use OIO as a method of multi-variate testing different images/ads? As in, does each ad slot allow multiple ads (2 or more versions, of completely different images) and you can use the CTR to determine the effectiveness of each individaul ad?

WordPress and gWebsite Optimiser don’t integrate super-smoothly, and gAd Manager just KILLS pageload speed, so was thinking this might offer some alternative?

Simon | March 13, 2010

I’d say yes it’s possible, although it may not be quite optimal for the task in its current guise.


* you can rotate as many ads as you want per zone
* you can track individual ad CTRs


* you’d need to setup each ad you wanted to track as a “purchase” via the admin editor. The in-house (default) ads that you can attach to a zone don’t allow for stats tracking.

TechGyo | May 24, 2010

Where can I download the lite version?

Simon | May 24, 2010

OIO does not currently have a lite version, only the $47 version.

Chad Thompson | July 11, 2010

Does this software provide reports for impressions and click throughs? Also, does it allow me to rotate banners randomly?

Simon | July 11, 2010

You can do both of those things with OIO, yes.

If you check out the demo link at the top of the page, you’ll see a link to a sample stats report. You can also view all the admin options from there.

Jeff | August 18, 2010

My question is:
The ad code that is placed on a web page. Can it be positioned within a or and then moved around using the CSS code? Or is there a better way of custom positioning an ad on specific pages?

Simon | August 18, 2010

Hi Jeff,

Every ad zone is associated with a unique ID (eg. oio-banner-1), so you could certainly use that to re-position the zone if you needed to.

Vamban Price Blog | December 1, 2010

Is there any free version available with footer link credit?

Business-In-Site.com | June 30, 2011

Is it possible to:

1./ add multiple text links, such as affiliate text links, in bulk? (eg; via CSV lists, phpMyAdmin/SQL,etc).

2./ add multiple banners for the same “customer” or affiliate in one go? (…or would each banner need to be uploaded, configured and added one-by-one?.. – I’m thinking about affiliate banners in particular, whereby we might display a number of different sizes/colored banners per affiliate, so it would be good if there was a way for the site admin to do it very quickly…)

If not, could/will these features be added in the near future?

Also, do you have a 2 tier affiliate program available? if not, will you be adding one in the near future?

Robert | August 3, 2011

Hi there,

We use a WordPress theme called Wave. It has pre-determined ad spaces. We are ok with where they are placed. My question is does OIO interact with those specific ad placements to rotate what is there for instance.

The theme only has one place to place banner code in the appearance controls for the theme.


lorenzo | April 4, 2012

Cet article est passionnant et je vais d’ailleurs le signaler à une consoeur qui semble être d’accord avec vous et je suis sûre qu’elle m’en sera reconnaissante. Merci pour cet article et votre implication pour partager ces réflexions. Je serais reconnaissante d’avoir l’opportunité de lire vos articles à ce sujet dans le futur. Ca m’est vraiment très précieux ! Mille mercis !

Steven Gold | July 21, 2012

1. Can I specify $/click AND $/impression?
2. Will OIO work with BuddyPress in a multisite environment?
3. Are there rules that can be defined/applied, such as the site(s) on which each ad can be displayed?
4. Are reports, etc. aggregated across all the sites, shown for each individual site or both?

islanegocios | August 8, 2012

If I’m using Dreamweaver cs5 can I purchase OIO Publisher.

Mohammed Abdullah Khan | September 2, 2012

Hi Admin,

I would rate this plugin as 10 out of 10. Because it is working perfect for me.

Thanks for the plugin :)

kwiaty online | March 30, 2013

I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has actually peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web site and maintain checking for brand new information.

Rahul Gupta | May 1, 2013

Can we use oio publishers on only one site per license or we can use it on any number of blogs in my network ?

Moreover, I am using Artisteer created themes, so will it work on my blog not ?
And also tell me if I can use it on Blogger also ?

Simon | May 2, 2013

@Rahul – as long as you own all the blogs, you can use OIO on all of them with a single license.

I don’t know anything about Artisteer specifically, but OIO should work with any theme.

As for Blogger, you can use OIO’s javascript to show ads on it, but OIO must be installed on another domain to do this (as you can’t install 3rd party scripts directly on blogger).

Rahul Gupta | May 3, 2013

Thank you so much Simon for helping me out with my queries.
I will soon buy it and use it on my blogs because Buysellads cuts my revenue each time, I sold ads on my blogs !

Tech | May 9, 2013

How about taking bitcoins for payment??? Please add bitcoin support. I want to buy this but can only pay in bitcoin. Any help in that?

Hyip Champ | May 20, 2013

Is there an ‘Advertise here’ option for banner ad zones?

I’ve been looking at the demo and seems to find a text that says ‘Advertise here’ or something the same under a banner ad.

Simon | May 25, 2013

OIO doesn’t automatically display “Advertise here” text underneath ad zones (just in empty ad slots), but you can always put a link undereath the zone yourself:

<p><a href="purchase-link-goes-here" rel="nofollow">Advertise here</a></p>

Marius | January 18, 2014

Hello. I have a big network of sites, that I don’t want spiders to give any footprint. Is it possible to install OIO wp plugin on all websites and manage them from the standalone version, in such a way that spiders don’t know that?

Simon | January 18, 2014

You can’t manage one installation from another – you’d either need to install on each site separately, or install on just one site and display ads on other sites using javascript.

Marius | January 18, 2014

Thank you Simon.

Marius | February 3, 2014

Hey Simon. 2 more questions.
1. I have a large Network of blogs, and I manage upadates/wp-plugin/blog using a central location. If I install OIO wp-plugin on all my blogs, is it possible to do updates inside wp, or do I need to download the pluguin from your site, and uplod it to every one of my blogs in the network?
2. Is it possible to see the AD Stats from all my blogs in one center location, without sharing the data with anyone?

Simon | February 8, 2014

OIO does have an auto-update feature, which is prompted for within WordPress when the version number changes.

The only way to see ad stats in one place would be to install OIO once (either on one of the blogs, or as a standalone app) and then use javascript to display ads on the rest of the sites.

If you install OIO separately on multiple sites, then the installations are completely independent.

Andrew Rezk | February 10, 2014

Hello Simon,
I was hesitated to buy this plugin, as i thought it was no longer supported and may not be compatible with wordpress new version but after reading your comment, i think you are doing great job to keep this the best ad plugin.

I just have one question:

Does the plugin show advertise here image for ads displayed on the sidebar (incase of no assigned advertisements)?

Simon | February 16, 2014

Yes, OIO will display empty “advertise here” slots, if there are spaces to fill up (and you have a price set).

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