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OIO v2.55 released

Filed under: Development

This release is primarily aimed at improving the experience for first time users, including some admin navigation improvements. You can download it here.

(1) Admin navigation

The home page has been re-branded as the “Get started” area. Ad zone configuration has been moved out of the “Settings” tab, into it’s own section (which is also linked to from settings). Modules (such as the stats tracker, affiliate etc) have also been moved into the top-level navigation, replacing the “Modules” tab entirely.

Whilst there is more to be done, the early feedback on these changes has been positive. You can see what the changes look like for yourself, by visiting the demo.

(2) Unlimited ad zone widgets

For WordPress users, the new release now allows you to re-use the ad zone widget as many times as you want. The new widget also comes with a few more options for you to tweak how your ads look (including the ability to select how many empty ad slots are displayed).

Please note that you’ll be prompted to re-add your OIO widgets, if upgrading from an earlier release.

(3) Customising core templates

v2.55 introduces a new folder within the templates directory of OIO, called “core_custom”. This is an empty folder that lets you save customised core templates, without them being over-written during upgrades. Simply copy the template into the core_custom folder, make your changes and save.

Please note that this feature is not available within the admin area, you must manually upload templates to them. It also comes with a greater risk of new releases breaking, if template changes are made.

(4) Admin IP filtering removed from stats tracker

This was a feature designed to stop stats being recorded if the IP address of a visitor matched that of an administrator (i.e. someone who logged into the OIO admin area).

Some users have reported that this caused a discrepency between their analytics provider and OIO, therefore I’ve removed it to ensure stats remain inline with other sources as much as possible.

 How to upgrade?

If you have a marketplace API key saved in OIO, you should be given the option to auto-upgrade. For everyone else (and those who like to do things manually), check out the upgrade tutorial.

Which files have changed since the last release?

Due to the admin navigation changes, please consider ALL files in the “admin” and “include” folders to have changed. The same is true for the “platform” folder, due to the WordPress widget changes.

Template files have remained the same, with the exception of the “/templates/core/main.tpl” file (to accommodate the new custom folder).

What’s next?

The two most requested features currently are (a) the ability to easily add new fields to the purchase form and (b) the ability to use custom taxonomies within WordPress. There are also some further admin UI changes to come.

Please feel free to offer your own suggestions too. :)

7 Comments so far

Ignatius | April 29, 2012

YeaH! An update! Finaly. Gotta say that I was hoping for some more features. But this will have to do for now

Kjetil | May 1, 2012

Thanks for the update
Just wonder: Will any “custom made” alterations you’ve made for us in single files of version 2.51 be included here – like filters?

Simon | May 3, 2012

@Kjetil – it will depend on if I integrated the change into the core core. If it’s something very specific to you, most likely I wouldn’t have done.

What’s the customisation you’re referring to, exactly?

Kjetil | May 3, 2012

I was referring to the short code %stats_url% – which you added on my request here: http://forum.oiopublisher.com/discussion/1907/banner-update-link-for-advertisers/
I don’t use it just now but it will become handy again soon. Will it work?

Simon | May 5, 2012

@Kjetil – aha, yes that change is in the new release.

The general rule is, if I ever ask you to download the “latest code” to grab an update, it means I’ve put it in the core (and it will therefore be available as part of all future upgrades).

Kjetil | May 5, 2012

Well worth knowing – maybe something you might mention in the update info/ read me file or something

parsigate ads | September 18, 2012

Great plugin, I’m going to test it to make my final decision…

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