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v2.5 Beta – cpc, cpm, weighted rotation

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OIO v2.5 (beta 1) is now available for download.

What new features does v2.5 contain?

1.) Charging models – cost per day, cost per click, cost per impression

v2.5 gives you the ability to charge customers per click or per impression, in addition to the standard time-based charge (cost per day). All charging options will still require customers to pay up front (e.g. $50 for 100 clicks), although this limitation can be bypassed if ads are setup manually via the admin area.

2.) Stats tracker improvements (archiving every 15 minutes)

The stats tracker has been updated for cost per click / impression models. A duplicate click checker has been added, along with a block on any IP addresses used to access the OIO admin area. The archiving process now occurs every 15 minutes, to ensure timely expiration of ads (and better memory usage).

3.) Weighted rotation of default ads

OIO previously had two rotation options for default ads – “fill in the gaps” and “equal rotation”. There was some confusion as to what fill in the gaps actually did – some users expected it to weight the number of default ads shown, based on the number of purchases made. The new ‘weighted’ option is designed to fulfil this need. Please note that ads cannot be individually weighted.

e.g. I have a 1×1 ad zone and want to sell 4 ads. I place several default ads in the zone and selected “weighted rotation”. A purchase is made, but instead of the ad shown 100% of the time (as happens if “fill in the gaps” is used), it is only shown 25% of the time. Default ads are shown 75% of the time. A second purchase is made – each purchased ads is now shown 25% of the time, with default ads being shown the remaining 50% of the time.

4.) Option to remove the security question on the purchase form

From the Settings -> General section of the admin area, you can now choose to remove the security question (see ‘advanced settings’).

5.) Just one payment method

If only one payment method is setup, the drop-down menu on the purchase form will default to that method automatically.

>> Download available here

27 Comments so far

mark | February 15, 2011

WOOO HOOO – IE – YIPEEEE…. Really? I was seriously just about to embark (tomorrow) on deploying doubleclick cause I have to be able to run CPM based campaigns for March. because this is beta, Im thinking I shouldnt install it on my live site. That being said – when do you think it will be ready? Im soo excited about this.

Would you also mind explaining in a bit more detail how the CPM based delivery would work. For example – if I have 3 advertisers, with varying amounts of impressions scheduled for a given position (lets say #1 at 100K/mo, #2 at 150K/mo, and #3 at 200K/mo). If I under, or over deliver, will remnant (ads set to fill in the gaps) run to fill that space? Also, on the impressions, are those set to run until filled or throttled somehow?

BTW – a completely different feature request/quetsion. Is there anyway to set up the “fill in the gaps” ads to be tracked automatically in the stats without having to set them as “paid” through an order?

Thanks again. I hope you can tell how excited I am. Hopefully the CPM thingy will work for me. Would love to know the details.

Simon | February 15, 2011

I wouldn’t jump straight into putting it on your live site (or at least, if you do, ensure you backup all OIO files and database tables first).

Your default / remnant ads will always be available to fill in the gaps, if there are empty ad spaces.

Having said that, there isn’t a “throttling” option as it stands (walk before you can run, is the phrase that springs to mind), so the ads would go through the impressions as soon as they were available.

The only way to simulate throttling, would be to rotate multiple ads.

mark@reelseo.com | February 15, 2011

Simon, thanks. Ok, since I need to make a decision, would you mind clarifying by answering this (and if you want to take this discussion offline, Id be happy to)….

Let’s say that I have 550K impressions per month in a given spot. I sell that to 3 advertisers:
1) @ 150K impressions for the month
2) @ 100K impressions for the month
3) @ 200K impressions for the month

How would those rotate? IE, evenly across the month & as soon as the impressions can be filled, etc…?

I would assume that the “fill in the gaps” ads will run to fill in any additional impressions.

Thanks again for the clarification

Simon | February 15, 2011

Each ad would rotate equally, with the impressions being filled as soon as they could be – there’s no spreading or throttling of impressions in this beta version.

mark@reelseo.com | February 15, 2011

Sorry – ok, one last time. Would the banners stop running as soon as their impressions were met?

Simon | February 15, 2011

Yes – although what actually happens is there is an expiration check every 15 minutes, so it could go up to “15 minutes worth” of impressions over the limit.

mark@reelseo.com | February 15, 2011

Great, I think that will work well for me until I can dive deeper into doubleclick. Do you think it will be ready by the end of the month?

Roger | February 20, 2011

Whooohoooo! That’s great. This is wonderful – thank you Simon!

mark | February 21, 2011

Simon, sorry to bug you on this but I have a few new campaigns launching on the first – do you know if the full version will be available by then?

Simon | February 21, 2011

I’m aiming to get a couple more “internal” testing runs done in February.

The first will be to test pre-2.5 functionality, to make sure everything is still compatible. The second will be to test the new functionality.

Whilst it’s unlikely I’ll move it out of beta after those tests are done (simply due to the scale of the change), that would be the best time to try it out.

Koo | February 22, 2011

Wow. Very exciting — thank you so much for implementing these features. Can’t install it on a live site but I look forward to upgrading as it comes out of beta. Once again: thank you for making your already-great software much, much better. These features bring OIO into the big leagues!

Touch | March 1, 2011

Great update!

Suggestion : Please make the pricing for CPM model on the purchase page appear as a drop down menu.

If a publisher wants to sell impressions in increments of 10,000 and has around 200,000 impressions then that could result in a long list of options and that does not look quite appealing. So, a down down menu could easily solve this problem.

Maybe in a future update you could have the php code or javascript for the CPM ad zones calculate the total number of impressions automatically and allow the advertiser to choose the number of impressions they are interested in buying according to the CPM rate decided by the publisher. So, the final cost could be automatically calculated and gives the advertiser the freedom to choose any number of impressions out of the maximum available in the inventory.

Couldn’t find a dedicated forum topic to post this so thought could use this section.

Thanks for this awesome plugin! :) It’s great to see you adding more features to the 2.x version.

Is 3.0 still in the works?

Michal | March 10, 2011

Great update, I think. But when I upgraded to this beta, only a small part of all my 600 px high banners was shown. Luckily I had a backup ;)

Simon | March 13, 2011

@Michal – did you notice anything else strange / out of place after the update? It sounds like either the banner zone’s size got changed somehow or a glitch with the css.

Michal | March 19, 2011

I didn’t see anything strange. I checked the zone’s size and it was correct there, but not on the website.

Dsimms | March 25, 2011

Are there any known bugs in v2.5

Is it safe to install yet?

When will final/gold be ready?


Michal | April 19, 2011

I tried again, and now it’s working correctly :)

Anyway, when I make a new banner purchase, I must mark is as paid before the banner is shown. I want to send the customer an invoice, make the purchase aproved and show the banner immediately. And then, later, send a reminder if the customer haven’t paid. Is that possible now or in the future?


Simon | April 19, 2011

Yep, I think most of the kinks have been ironed out now – should be good to go to beta 2 shortly.

The closest you’ll get re: payment is to use the offline payment option, but there’s no invoicing feature available.

Michal | April 19, 2011

Looking forward to beta 2 ;)

I already use offline payment, but I make every purchase manually, so it would be nice to just aprove it and show the banner. This is not a big deal, but it would be great to have an option to send a reminder after the banner are shown.

John | April 23, 2011

I use OIO on a few sites and am very glad to see these improvements. It all looks very promising.

With CPM there will definitely be issues related to scheduling of ads and spreading delivery out evenly. And with CPC there will likely be issues dealing with invalid clicks from time to time. This is all a very nice start, though, and I am looking forward to how it all progresses.

Michal | April 24, 2011

When I upload a 160×600 banner, and change the size in OIO to 155×600, why does this affect the height?

(I don’t know if this is only in the beta, but I postet it here just in case :p)

Simon | April 24, 2011

My guess would be that it’s because showing a single ad slot uses a simple div (rather than a list that gets converted to a grid), which only contains a width and not a height.

The browser is therefore automatically resizing, based on its initial dimensions.

Trying to think if there is a good reason for the height not being there.

Simon | April 29, 2011

Actually, scrap what I said above. It was a bug with the beta (height of the image not set correctly) – updated the beta’s output file to fix it.

WP Tricks | May 6, 2011

We are use it as always.. thanks

Derek Collinson | May 29, 2011

Hi Simon,

Could you please advise when you will be releasing this upgrade/update and if it will offer the ability to insert inline ads in various positions – i.e. at the top of the post, in the middle,at the end, after the first paragraph just like the WP plugin Quick Adsense does?



Simon | June 4, 2011

@Derek – beta 2 of this version was released last weekend (which will become the offical release, pending some bug hunting).

It doesn’t contain any changes to inline ads, although I’ll check out the plugin you mentioned to see how easy it would be to slot in the additional functionality (potentially as part of a 2.51 update).

Paul | July 28, 2011

I would also like to see text ads created by the plugin that look like the google text ads. Along with the placement mentioned above, size blocks and number of text ads per block, ect.

Keep up the great work!

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