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Communal Advertising Budget?

Filed under: Community

For the first time since I started this project I find myself bogged down in “other” work (ie. things I’d rather not be doing), which has meant reduced time for active development of OIO. What it has meant is that I’ve had more time to think about the direction OIO should be taking in the […]

PayPal IPN Issue

Filed under: Development

This morning I got an email saying a purchase (on this site) hadn’t been confirmed via the paypal IPN, and was forever “waiting to receive confirmation from the payment processor”. Initially I thought it must have been a one-off, but have since received several more reports of the same issue. After a bit of searching, […]

OIO v3 Mind Map

Filed under: Development

Instead of writing a dreary specification document for you to sift through, I’ve put together a 1st draft of all your ideas and suggestions in the form of a mind map. Enjoy! >> http://v3.oiopublisher.com/spec/v3-spec-1st-draft/

More flexible ad zone output

Filed under: Beta, Development

I’ve been asked on a few occasions during the ideas brainstorm for v3 about being able to display ad zones using different settings to those used in the admin area. For example, I have an ad zone using 125×125 ads, but on one of my sites I want to show the same ad zone using […]

OIOpublisher 2.21 Released

Filed under: Development

I thought I’d release a small update package to include a couple of things you may find useful. You can now download v2.21 from the site, which includes: (1) One-click WordPress theme integration – you can now use your WordPress theme with OIO more easily. You can find out more information about it here, as […]