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Looking Forward: php 4 or 5?

Filed under: Development, Focus Group

In developing OIO, I have stayed away from any php5 specific features, to make sure the script remained compatible with as many servers as possible. However, with an overhaul on the horizon, it seems like a good time to re-think that stance. The main argument for maintaining php4 compatibility (as WordPress does) is that is […]

Affiliate Proposal, 2nd Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

UPDATE: the changes have now been implemented. Please see the Affiliate FAQs for further information. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback via email for the initial draft of the OIO affiliate proposal. Please bear in mind that whilst all feedback was considered, not all of it could be used. Proposal, […]

Affiliate Proposal, 1st Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

Please note that this entry refers to the affiliate program used to sell the OIOpublisher ad manager, as opposed to the affiliate module offered with the script. As mentioned in the previous entry, we’ve been looking at different ways to improve the affiliate program for users. We’ve now come up with an initial proposal, which […]