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Coupon Codes in May

Filed under: Affiliates

A quick reminder that the affiliate coupon codes for May are now live. All affiliates will receive their updated code in the monthly email report. You can also view the code by logging into your account and clicking on the Affiliate Stats link. This means that all April codes have now expired, and are no […]

Affiliate Proposal, 2nd Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

UPDATE: the changes have now been implemented. Please see the Affiliate FAQs for further information. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback via email for the initial draft of the OIO affiliate proposal. Please bear in mind that whilst all feedback was considered, not all of it could be used. Proposal, […]

Affiliate Proposal, 1st Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

Please note that this entry refers to the affiliate program used to sell the OIOpublisher ad manager, as opposed to the affiliate module offered with the script. As mentioned in the previous entry, we’ve been looking at different ways to improve the affiliate program for users. We’ve now come up with an initial proposal, which […]

Good Month for Affiliates

Filed under: Affiliates

January’s 90% commission offer is now over, and I can safetly say we learnt quite a bit about our affiliate program during the month! We had some good points (including lots of sales) and a few not so good points, but overall it was a positive experience. All affiliates will be credited with the standard […]

90% Affiliate Commission in January!

Filed under: Affiliates

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all our users! To celebrate the New Year, we’re offering all new and existing affiliates 90% commission for all sales made during January 2009. No catches, no limits – any sale you drive via your account earns 90% of the sale value. That’s $42.30 in your pocket for […]