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OIO v2.5 released

Filed under: Development

v2.5 has just been made available in the download area.

It sports one new feature from the previous beta; the ability to let advertisers edit their ad once they have purchased. The ad stats page, from where editing can be accessed, has also been upgraded to allow an advertiser to switch between ads (if they have made multiple purchases on your site).

In order to use the new editing feature, you’ll need to enable it from the Settings -> General section of the admin area. It’s the first “advanced settings” option.

As a reminder, the other new features in v2.5 are:

  • New CPC / CPM charging models
  • Show fewer default ads as more purchases are made (weighted rotation)
  • Option to turn off the security question (and a fix for those who have had issues with it)

This release also contains a number of bug fixes, so thanks to everyone who contributed! If you spot any bugs, please leave a note about them in the forum.

PS. this release affects all ‘core’ template files. If upgrading from an earlier version, you will need to update to the new templates as well.

2 Comments so far

Ariel | August 9, 2011

Any thoughts on when this beta might be released as official?

Simon | August 12, 2011

It has actually been officially released, but as a “soft launch”. Due to the number / size of changes, I didn’t want to get everyone upgrading before I was sure everything was just right.

All seems well, so I’m close to flicking the switch on pushing the upgrade to existing users.

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