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OIO v2.3 – easy text translation

Filed under: Development

A new version of OIO is now available (v2.3), which includes the ability to translate the you’re your advertisers see directly from the admin area (see demo site).

Translating OIO into other languages

Rather than having to edit language files manually, you can simply login to the admin area, navigate to Settings -> Languages and modify any of the text users see when making a purchase, viewing statistics etc.

Also included is a ‘share translation’ button, enabling you to instantly send your translation file to OIOpublisher.com. This should provide a good way to quickly build up a set of translations that the whole community can benefit from.

Please be aware that to use this feature, your web host must be using php5 (otherwise this feature will be disabled). Please contact your web host if you are unsure about the php version your site is using.

Minor Fixes

1.) A bug has been fixed when using the javascript ad code, where the “align” parameter used was not functioning correctly.

2.) A new “wrap” parameter has been added to the ad code options, allowing text to be wrapped around an ad zone. More info about ad code options is available here.

How to Update

If you’ve entered a marketplace API key, you’ll be able to use OIO’s auto-update feature (you will be prompted to upgrade when logged into the admin within the next 24 hours).

You can also use the web installer or (if you’d prefer), download the latest files manually.

Please bear in mind that due to the translation feature, all “core” template files have been updated to accommodate it. You can still use older template files, but the translation feature will not be available.

5 Comments so far

Michal | September 11, 2010

If you use one or maybe two hours to translate all the text, and then press the ‘Update Custom Language File’ -button, you will need to log in again. And after you have logged in all you work are gone.

TheShamanMarketer | September 12, 2010

Sounds good. I have been waiting eagerly for an easy way to use OIOPub on my German language websites.
I am off to install and test the update… ;-)

Thomas | November 10, 2010

Nice addition that will really help.
One important term doesnt seem to be translated: In Purchase overview i get something like:


The “for” doesnt seem to be translated.

Thomas | November 10, 2010

Sry to bother again, but theres an other issue im facing. The “wrap” paramteter could be very handy because over here we got to mark ads as such. This “wrap” is supposed to do that, isnt it?

My Problem: After having set it to true, how do you apply any text? is it like ‘wrap’ = ‘true, “Werbung”‘?

Vincent | February 26, 2012

Does OIO allow us to have 2 languages at same time, with a way for users to switch?

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