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Back to work on v3

Filed under: Development

After a couple of months of being unable to work on the new version of OIO, I’m glad to say I’m now able to get back to it.

I’m currently in the process of building a library of re-usable components that will deal with most of the laborious tasks automatically (the backbone of the opensource framework upon which OIO will be built). I did at one point consider using an existing library (Zend Framework, Kohana etc), but as many have found before me it’s not quite the same as doing it yourself.

As a quick example, I’ve most recently been working on an email component, in order to handle different protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) and send / receive mail in any language automatically. Each component can be used independently of others, so as to make them usable in any development situation, but is kept as lightweight as possible.

Once I’ve constructed the final few generic components, I’ll be able to use them to develop the first prototype of OIO v3. As I mentioned previously, I won’t give any timeframes until I can tell you something accurate; otherwise it’s just a guess on my part.

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Ariel | January 20, 2010

The feature I’d most love to see in v3 is support for different tiers of paid posts! I have different options I offer to advertisers (what day the post goes live and how many photos it includes) and it’s taken some serious hacking to make it work with OIO. :)

Thanks for all that you do, Simon!

Mandy | February 21, 2010

I’d love to not have to put the placeholders into each individual post.

It would be cool to be be able to choose where in all the posts for a zone etc that a banner or ad could be placed.

Eg.. top left in blog post, top right in blog post, two to three paragraphs down so that it’s above the fold in the page.

Or is that just not possible?

greg | February 21, 2010

I just can’t wait to see what’s OiO V3 will look like. I enjoy V2 even if I don’t make many sales, it’s flexibility is amazing.

I have also a coder working on modules, can we actually share a module for the V2 version if finished?

Modules being made:
Alertpay payment gateway
Liberty Reserve payment gateway

Simon | February 21, 2010

Ariel, I’ll see what I can do (it might be something that evolves during the beta period, we’ll see).

Mandy, you can already specify to have a banner ad places top left / right of posts using the “inline ads” option. Extending it to use different paragraphs in the future might also be possible.

Greg, you’re welcome to share any modules (always appreciated). Maybe a new forum section for “community modules” would be useful?

Mandy | February 21, 2010

Hi Simon

Sorry, I thought there were issues with the top left and top right options at the moment:

But definitely being able to do the paragraph option would be awesome.

Cheers Simon

Simon | February 21, 2010

Ah yes, I think the issue in that discussion was that inline ads only allows for top left / top right placement (no paragraph / bottom of post placement).

Lisa Irby | March 13, 2010

My biggest wish is to be able to sell by impressions. I could be making so much more money if I could rotate multiple banners in one spot and have people pay by impression. I know you can rotate ads in multiple spots, but I want to be have the impression option. It’s more fair that way.

TigerBill | April 10, 2010

Although I’m very much looking forward to purchasing your excellent software anyway, an option to allow certain zones to be set up to be sold by impressions would be a terrific addition!

TigerBill | April 10, 2010

Would also love to see an option that would allow Flash Video Ads in addition to the current text and banner options.

Dennis | April 16, 2010

Will this V3.. need a fresh install or will it be an easy upgrade from v2?


Simon | April 16, 2010

The very early releases may not contain an upgrade path, but the first official release will.

dave | April 20, 2010

Hi Simon,

Do you have any timeline on when are you planning to launch the v3?

I simply want to echo something I posted last year http://v3.oiopublisher.com/ideas/selling-cpm-based-slots/

I still havn’t purchased the script as its of no use to me without the CPC / CPM option in it.

The Day you are out with these 2 options, I will be the first to buy it.


Lisa Irby | April 24, 2010

I agree with dave. I need CPM so badly that I unfortunately had to stop using OIO on my static site and went with another script. (I still use OIO on my blog tho). Just wanted to let you know that this is causing you to lose customers. Being able to charge by CPM is huge in banner advertising. Just my 2 cents.

Simon | April 24, 2010

I prefer to look at it from the other point of view – having CPM will increase the potential customer base – but yes, I know that it’s an important feature for many.

My spare time is (unfortunately) limited, however my aim is for a Summer release.

Dennis | April 25, 2010

Is there anyway we can help speed up the work on OIO V3 and the CPM aspect?

William Preston | May 27, 2010

My company is using your software and it works great. Can you give me an update on when the CPM, CPC will be available for use. My company is willing to pay for that portion as well as the functionality to have Sales Rep ID as a optional field during sign up that is also reportable. Is this feasible?

salvation | June 16, 2010

any news of the release?

greg | November 11, 2010

still no news on whn the V3 will see the light?

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