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OIO “addons” WordPress plugin

Filed under: Development

Every so often I get requests for little additions for OIO. I’ve therefore just released a small plugin that tackles a few such requests in one go. They are not meant to be full blown features, but helpers for certain issues – such as integrating OIO with WPMU.

The main features are:

1.) Integrate a standalone installation of OIO with any WordPress / WPMU blog (if you’ve got OIO installed as a WordPress plugin, you can ignore this feature).

2.) Type a placeholder such as [% oiopub-banner-1-left %] into any of your WordPress posts and it will automatically be converted into an OIO ad zone. The example would output banner zone 1 on the left of your post.

3.) Put an ad zone into your RSS feed.

For more information and to download the “addons” plugin, click here.

6 Comments so far

Joe | January 4, 2010

This sounds great.

This is a non-techy asking this now, so apologies, but would I be able to place that code into the source code, to have advertising automatically appear?

Simon | January 4, 2010

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to copy and paste the “addons” plugin code into the main OIO file?

Joe | January 4, 2010

I’d be lookign to hardcode in some advertising spots, for example at the end of every post. That way it could go onto MU and I’d have a way of getting the advertising out there.

Mark - Niche Store Builder | January 5, 2010

Awesome upgrades to a awesome product! I have been using a diff plugin forever for randomly adding ads to posts, which was never really a good solution when you have an image in the post. (Think, skewed display) With the shortcode addon, I can see this working perfectly for my own needs!

Thanks for the update!


Simon | January 5, 2010

@Mark – glad you found the additions useful. The shortcode will be integrated into the core during the next major release too.

@Joe – sorry, I see I’ve neglected your follow-up comment. I’m still not 100% sure on what you’d like to achieve – maybe you could write up a post in the forum explaining what you’d like to do in a bit more detail?

Deepanshu Goel | May 19, 2012

Hi Simon,

does this addon still works the same way or it has been included in core?

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