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OIOpublisher 2.21 Released

Filed under: Development

I thought I’d release a small update package to include a couple of things you may find useful. You can now download v2.21 from the site, which includes:

(1) One-click WordPress theme integration – you can now use your WordPress theme with OIO more easily. You can find out more information about it here, as well as a short tutorial on how to use this feature (and what to do i your theme doesn’t look quite right initially).

(2) Use decimals in your pricing – up until now you’ve only been able to use whole numbers when pricing your ads. Now you can set your price to whatever you’d like (eg. $9.95).

How to upgrade

The standard upgrade tutorial applies. If you’ve customised any of the template files, the only one to change since the release of v2.20 is the “templates/core/main.tpl” file.

How’s v3 coming?

Since I get asked this quite a bit, the answer is it’s coming along slowly but surely. I’ll be releasing a spec shortly, including as many of your ideas as possible, so you can see what it will end up like. Remember, there’s still time to submit your own ideas!

4 Comments so far

Michael | September 15, 2009

Plugin shows as v2.20 in my Manage Plugins screen. Also, simonemery.co.uk (linked to in “By Simon Emery”) gives 401 Authorization Required.

Simon | September 15, 2009

It sounds like not all the files were over-written. Downloading again should suffice I’d have thought.

Michael | September 15, 2009

wp.php has “Version: 2.20″

Simon | September 15, 2009

Oh, I see what you mean. Good spot. ;)

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