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More flexible ad zone output

Filed under: Beta, Development

I’ve been asked on a few occasions during the ideas brainstorm for v3 about being able to display ad zones using different settings to those used in the admin area. For example, I have an ad zone using 125×125 ads, but on one of my sites I want to show the same ad zone using dimensions of 90×90.

Up until now, there was no way to accomplish this, since the output functions just used whatever was set in the admin. Whilst this type of thing will be fully resolved in v3, I thought I’d put together some alternative output functions for v2 that could do the same thing.

I haven’t yet released it as part of the official download, since the output is fundamental to everyone who uses OIO and so any bugs could cause quite a few problems for people upgrading. Instead, I’ve released it as a separate package that you can upload, which will over-write the default functions:

>> http://forum.oiopublisher.com/discussion/796/manipulating-ad-zone-output/

The link above contains all the information you should need on how to install and use these new output options. It supports both php and javascript, and won’t affect any of your current ad zones using the old output method.

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James | September 29, 2009

Yahaaaa-freakin-Hooo! I am sooo glad to see this… should have some time tomorrow to try it out.

Thanks Simon, you da man!

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