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OIO v3, collab site launched

Filed under: Community, Development

I’m pleased to announce that the first phase of the user collaboration site (initially mentioned here) is now ready for action. The purpose of this site will be to gather ideas and feedback in order to create a brand new version of the OIOpublisher ad manager; packed with more features, more customisation options and even easier to use!

>> http://v3.oiopublisher.com

As of today, you can submit your ideas for v3, based off your current experience of OIO. Just as importantly, you can rate and comment on the ideas of others. This will enable us to have an ongoing conversation about the features that are most important to the community, as well as how best to implement them. I’ve also added some suggestions I’ve received previously, to start us off.

Once that’s in full swing, the second phase will be launched, where you’ll be able to offer feedback on the first ever mock-up of OIO v3 (based on your ideas), so that we can begin to refine it. The mock-up will centre around the admin area, giving you a chance to test usability, see what features are available and how they interact with each other.

Finally, there’s the coding stage. That’s really down to me though. ;)

Even if you haven’t purchased OIO yourself, your ideas are more than welcome, so please get involved!

Please note that any spam or non-constructive contributions will be removed without warning.

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