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OIOpublisher 2.2 Released

Filed under: Development

The latest version of OIO is now available for download. It is also the last planned release before the user orientated re-development program begins, and as such does not contain a lot of new features.

>> If upgrading the script manually, click here to see the upgrade tutorial.

Offline payment module
After requests from a number of people, you can now let advertisers pay “offline”. If selected, the advertiser will be taken to a page containing instructions that you define in the admin area.

Filtering Zones by WordPress Category
Again, this was a feature requested by quite a few people. Each text / banner ad zone contains a new option that lets you associate a WordPress category with each ad. When displaying an ad zone on a category or post page, only ads within those category(s) will be shown. This allows you to use a single ad zone to filter ads via category.

Tracker Module Update
Previously, tracking impressions meant loading a new image file on every page request, which increased load on the server. This extra image file has now been removed to help reduce load. Some backend code was also added to stop individual ads from using the tracker if needed (on request, requires editing the database).

Less Admin Clutter
Previously, every ad zone created was shown at the top of the settings page (e.g Zone 1, Zone 2). This took up a lot of space and made it difficult to tell at a glance which ad zone was which. A dropdown menu is now used instead, with “Zone 1″ being replaced by the name you give each zone. The admin editor has also been tweaked for easier use, via feedback on the forum.

Better compatibility with WordPress config file
This issue was highlighted recently in the forum. If you use WordPress 2.6+ and have moved your wp-config.php file for better security, OIO will use wp-load.php instead. This should prevent anyone else from having to hack OIO to get it to work with their config file.

Other Tweaks
The “availability” column on the purchase page now shows the number of free ad slots available (rather than the total number). The “price” dropdown menu is also pre-selected if there is only one price available, to improve continuity.

New Release Policy
The automatic upgrader will not notify users of a new “zero” version (ie. 2.20) until it has been sent out to members of the focus group. This will help ensure that any problems that are present will be quickly diagnosed before the majority of people upgrade.

7 Comments so far

Germz | July 2, 2009

Nice, but it’d be nice to see some sort of automatic top text link ad that we can place. I have one in my homepage but I had to hard code it and set it up to run as a text link ad. It’d be nice if it was automatic.

Chris | July 2, 2009

I am very excited about the new “Filtering Zones by WordPress Category”. That is exactly what I needed for some projects I am working on…

Thanks for the great work, your script is great IMO!

pavs | July 3, 2009

hi is updating as simple as removing old plugin folder with the new one?

R. Venkata Subramani | July 3, 2009


Very good stuff. Are you planning to come with a version for Moodle?

Please see this site where I want to control the ads using the excellent OIO.



Simon | July 3, 2009

@pavs – sorry, I forgot to link to the upgrade tutorial from this post. It’s now linked to from the top of the post.

@venkat – you can integrate the functionality of OIO with any CMS (either via php or javascript), using the standalone installation option.

zalee" | July 6, 2009

The offline payment still have problem…

Simon | July 6, 2009

If you’ve found a bug with any particular part of the new release, could you post a description of it in the forum?

Otherwise I won’t know what, if anything, requires fixing.

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