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Looking Forward: php 4 or 5?

Filed under: Development, Focus Group

In developing OIO, I have stayed away from any php5 specific features, to make sure the script remained compatible with as many servers as possible. However, with an overhaul on the horizon, it seems like a good time to re-think that stance.

The main argument for maintaining php4 compatibility (as WordPress does) is that is keeps things open for more users, but as web hosts start to switch users over to php5 in increasing numbers, the benefits of switching development over to php5 start to out-weigh the issue of compatibility.

Which version of php does your site use?

The big question is, how many OIO users have installed the script on a site that still uses php4? I’d appreciate it if you could take a moment to help find the answer by completing the poll below.

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How do I know if my site uses php4 or php5?

If you unzip and upload this file to your site (via FTP) and then go to the url in your browser (for example yoursite.com/phpcheck.php), it will tell you which version you are using. Alternatively, your web host should be able to tell you the version.

If you are using php4, you can also ask your web host whether it’s possible for them to switch your account over to php5.

What’s so good about php5 anyway?

There are a few good reasons for looking at developing for php5 only. It’s now the case (and has been so for a while) that php4 is no longer under active development, and has been dis-continued. There are also a few nice extra features in php5 that will make development quicker and easier.

3 Comments so far

myWordPress | July 23, 2009

I think going PHP5 should be fine, I doubt many webhosts are gonna hold back PHP5 for much longer.

Most more professional hosting companies support the users selecting which PHP version they want to use.

Simon" | July 23, 2009

Yes, those were my thoughts as well.

It was php5′s method chaining that finally got me seriously thinking about a switch. 5 lines of code vs 1 more readable line (in a lot of cases) is a no-brainer.

Vincent de Lau | August 26, 2009

Please help let PHP4 die… http://www.gophp5.org/

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