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Valuable User Contributions

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I’ve been quite busy lately, and as such haven’t done too much with OIO in the weeks following the official release of v2.1 (other than bug fixing).

This evening I had a quick glance around for articles on “the world’s favourite ad manager” (trademarked in advance for the time it becomes true!). I was pleasantly surprised to see this review by Keller Hawthorne of fresheventure.com. All too often I see articles that were obviously written just to try and get people to purchase, but Keller went the extra mile and talked about her experiences setting up OIO; the problems as well as the successes. She has even produced a short video tutorial on how to set up affiliate ads.

Keller’s article was also informative for me, as it pointed out a couple of “could do better” areas; the layout of the control panel in particular. It will be interesting to see how the new admin design goes down with users (not yet ready to demo I’m afraid, but it has been re-designed now). I’m hoping for an equally valuable amount of constructive feedback as occurred with the affiliate program changes.

The other chord that the article struck with me was how well casual users of OIO, once they have learnt the ropes, can teach others about to make the most out of it. More often than not they do it far better than I can. I may have to explore the opportunity of “user-driven tutorials” more.

I’m hoping to get back on the development trail in mid June, including releasing the first demo of the re-designed admin area, and working towards a re-build of the core application that will allow future developments to occur far more quickly. I’ll also be starting the hunt for a marketing partner to help grow the site further.

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Thanks so much for the mention Simon! I hope to add some more how to videos soon as people seem to want to learn more about your products. Who can blame them – it’s awesome!

Meta Fever | June 5, 2009

I cant wait to see the new interface!

Since I use OIO as an actual ad server (serving ads across many sites) I would really like to see a way to manage the paid post function across many sites . . . perhaps manage it similar to an ad zone with individual pricing on a per zone basis.

The current setup only works to sell post for the domain which OIO is installed on . . .

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Simone Brummelhuis | June 8, 2009

today I got a request for an ad, and it turns out that the whole system does not work anymore on our site. I don’t know for how long, but i was indeed wondering whether this whole oio system was making any commercial sense. now i understand why. it would have great if you have allerted us…

Simon | June 8, 2009

Notification of any version updates are sent out by email, and there is an internal notification system that should let you know when a new version is available. This blog is also updated whenever a new version is released.

I just checked the website you linked to and it appears you’re using v2.08, which wasn’t a version that experienced any major bugs. When you say that the whole system doesn’t work, can you be more specific as to what isn’t functioning?

In any case, I’d advise a quick upgrade to the latest version. Please follow this tutorial for best results when upgrading.

Simone Brummelhuis | June 8, 2009

Well click on any link there, such as the oio publisher link and it does not work, there is also no payment option in the scheme anymoore
with the upgrade it refuses even the emailaccount.

and no bugs… I just got a huge invoice of my technical guy who said the following:

As I stated in the E-Mail that accompanied the February invoice it did not include the work on the OIO Publisher Advertising plug-in. Setting that up took a fair chunk of time and I did keep you updated on my progress the problems that I had with their system had NOTHING to do with my experience with WordPress but with the lack of documentation and poor support and bad design of their product, again if you check your E-Mail you will see this.

I just checked and I sent 10 E-Mails to the creator of OIO Publisher and received 9 E-Mails in response. These were complex E-Mails and I always have to ensure that when I send a request for what I believe is a problem that it is a genuine problem and that requires research and double-checking, otherwise the request will be ignored and when you have a real problem they won’t answer.

so, what is your advice?

Simon | June 8, 2009

What I’d suggest is emailing me directly via the contact form and I can take a look at the problems for you. I’m not quite clear, but it sounds as though your tech guy might have made some modifications to OIO? The default script certainly shouldn’t suffer from problems such as payment options not showing up (unless the payment options have not been setup in the admin area).

It would also be useful to know the email address of your tech guy, as I can check whether I have received any emails from them. Had someone emailed me 10 times about an issue, it would have been resolved long ago.

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