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OIOpublisher v2.1 Released

Filed under: Development

The first official release of v2.1 is now available for download. The changelog from the previous stable version can be found below:

v2.10.b1 (beta release)

- new beta program established
- removal of excess componenets (socialposts & viralblogads modules)
- improved ad expiration process

v2.10.b2 (beta release)

- added several new payment options (google checkout, 2checkout.com, authorize.net)
- fixed multiple error notices occurring in php E_STRICT mode
- added “forgotten password” routine in standalone mode

v2.10.b3 (beta release)

- add support for swf (flash) banners
- link exchange option for banner / text ad zones
- various small fixes & enhancements to purchase templates
- added uploading capabilities to admin editor

Installation Options: web installer | manual download

4 Comments so far

Agent 001 | April 20, 2009

Upgraded already. Nice improvements. I specially like the new template on the AD buying page. It is lovely. More detailed and organized.

I am currently only using Paypal as payment but I invite the inclusion of Google checkout, 2checkout.com, authorize.net .It will be real good to many.

Steven | April 21, 2009

I’d like to know if you can associate specific ads with specific categories?

Bruce | April 23, 2009

Thanks for the upgrade. I’m running a one column with four rows of 125×125 space. Since upgrading, I’ve notice the nice looking inset shadow for each place holder box is gone. I was trying to put it back, altering CSS but to no avail.

Anyone know of any solutions?

Simon | April 23, 2009

@Steven: this topic describes what can and can’t be done regarding categories.

@Bruce: that change was actually done on purpose. Before this, empty slots with a border were slightly larger than slots with only an image in. To keep sizes consistent, the border was pushed in slightly to make the total area 125×125 (instead of 127×127).

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