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Reviewing the Admin Panel

Filed under: Development

Firstly, a quick note with regards to the previous entry on the OIO affiliate program. I’m now happy with it, and user feedback has been positive, so I’ll be starting work on integrating it over the weekend.

I also had an email the other day from someone requesting a refund. They cited a couple of reasons (it didn’t quite match what they wanted it to do), but the one that stuck out most in my mind was that the admin panel was a bit clunky.

Quite simply, there are too many clicks involved to get to where you want to be.

I’d discussed the possibility of re-designing the admin panel with Hyder from Weborithm previously, and the email prompted me to push on with it. We’re working on a first design draft at the moment, and whilst I don’t think it will be a particularly quick project (lots of usability and organisation elements to get through), it should be well worth the effort.

Once we have something in place, I’ll be sending out an email to the focus group (I haven’t actually sent them anything since setting it up!) to get user feedback on it. If  you haven’t signed up to the group already, and would like to give your feedback, simply login to your account and click on the “edit profile” link. You’ll see an option to join the focus group from there.

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IT Buzz | May 1, 2009

The Admin Panel is really user friendly and got many cool features thumbs up for OIOPublisher development team,

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