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Finally, better documentation!

Filed under: Development

It’s been one of the (few) criticisms of OIO recently; the lack of documentation. Whilst there is help provided within the application itself, it doesn’t cover everything, and so updated help docs has been on my list for sometime.

Instead of a full-blown documentation library, I’ve instead opted to write a series of tutorials, which you can find in the support forum. This also means that if you make a search in the forum, you’re more likely to find a solution.

You can also request new tutorials, which I’ll then write up and put with the others.

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Doug Daulton | March 23, 2009

I find the forum approach to documentation very difficult to follow. There is no real organization to materials and it is very aggravating.

Simon | March 23, 2009

On reflection, you may well be right about the “forum” style organisation of it.

I’m still inclined to use the forum (because of the integrated search advantages), but will look at re-structuring the tutorials “home page” to make it clearer (less forum-like). A tagging system may also be useful…

The other thing I still have to do is create a “common errors” tutorial, as that should sort out the majority of queries.

Agent 001 | April 2, 2009

A small documentation is a nicer and convenient idea than a forum.

If you want I can help you out in that. I can write one if you give me the details what to write.

Simon | April 2, 2009

I think it will be ok as it is now. It was updated recently to use a more compact home page:


The tutorials themselves still run off the forum, but isn’t really any more difficult to follow than any other documentation layout (eg. wiki, FAQ list).

Agent 001 | April 2, 2009

Yup I think I just followed it while configuring my banner ADs.

Well I am always here to give a hand to you if you want me to write a manual, I will do so. Do not worry I won’t ask for money. I just want to earn experience in writing so wanted to do it.

By the way the articles there looks self sufficient.

Doug Daulton | April 2, 2009

Great update! Much easier to follow.

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