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Affiliate Proposal, 2nd Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

UPDATE: the changes have now been implemented. Please see the Affiliate FAQs for further information.

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback via email for the initial draft of the OIO affiliate proposal. Please bear in mind that whilst all feedback was considered, not all of it could be used.

Proposal, Draft Two:

1.) Instead of rewarding active affiliates with increased coupon discounts (the original plan), the focus will instead be on commission. The more sales an affiliate brings in during one month, the higher their commission rate will be the next month.

  • fewer than 5 sales per month – 50% commission
  • between 5 and 10 sales per month – 60% commission
  • more than 11 sales per month – 70% commission

2.) An affiliate will be able to create a unique affiliate code every month. The code will last for one month, then expire. Discount rates will be the same for all affiliates (but vary between $5 and $10 off per month). The other purpose of the code will be to ensure that the right affiliate gets the sale – if your unique coupon is used, you get the commission.

3.) If the affiliate has purchased the product themselves, then any coupon discount will be matched by OIO. For example, if the coupon value is $10 in total, $5 would be taken from the affiliate commission and $5 from OIOpublisher.com.

Further Discussion:

Another good idea raised by a couple of users was the issue of split commission. Imagine a scenario where a user signs up via affiliate A, then several days later the sale is closed by affiliate B (using their affiliate code). Should the commission be split 50 / 50, or just awarded to one of them?

As ever, all thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

4 Comments so far

George | March 12, 2009

I understand that you’re interested in YOUR products affiliate program… but I’d really like to see 2-tier program for the affiliate program!

If you visit http://www.VotedGreen.com, you see that I’m offering a Green affiliate banner. It would be GREAT if that affiliate banner could sign-up affiliates under that persons id!!!

I know others could really use this to attract more people and it would also grow the people who find out about your company as well.


George Lewis

Simon | March 12, 2009

Hehe, yes I know you’d like such a feature. ;)

I’m considering the possibility of a customisation service for the product, to accommodate requests such as this one. We get a lot of feature requests, and they can’t all be realistically dealt with during the normal development process.

Agent 001 | April 2, 2009

50/50 commission split is nice idea. It will do good for all. I hope it is implemented soon enough.

Simon | April 2, 2009

It won’t be introduced in this phase, as the other changes that should go live this weekend (affiliate coupon codes, commission level rewards etc) are a big enough step in themselves.

Once people are used to how the coupons work, I can start to get feedback on whether they think a 50/50 split might further improve things.

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