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Affiliate Proposal, 1st Draft

Filed under: Affiliates, Focus Group

Please note that this entry refers to the affiliate program used to sell the OIOpublisher ad manager, as opposed to the affiliate module offered with the script.

As mentioned in the previous entry, we’ve been looking at different ways to improve the affiliate program for users. We’ve now come up with an initial proposal, which we will be sending out to affiliates to get their feedback.

Proposal, Draft 1:

(a) Aims

  • to provide better incentives to affiliates
  • to reward affiliates on the basis of their work

(b) Description

  • each affiliate can create unique coupon codes within their account
  • max discount level dependent on the sales volume for the previous 30 day period
  • discount amount selected by affiliate will be matched by OIO (1:1 ratio)
  • eg. affiliate puts $2.50 of their commission towards discount, OIO will do the same

(c) Discount Levels

  • under 5 sales per month = coupon worth max of $5 off
  • 5 to 10 sales per month = coupon worth max of $10 off
  • more than 10 sales per month = coupon worth max of $15 off
  • these levels are inclusive of the OIO discount matching

(d) Limitations

  • only those who have purchased the product themselves can create coupon codes
  • a code will expire after 30 days, to enforce any changing discount levels
  • a code’s value cannot be changed once set, even if the max discount level changes

So, now it’s over to you. As an affiliate, what do you think about this proposal? If you suggest changes, please include a reason for them.

1 Comment so far

Simon | February 14, 2009

Already some interesting feedback via email, such as the problem of multiple discount levels and coupon hunting via search engines (creating a big advantage for more successful affiliates).

Also some information about conversions coming through, which should prompt a look at an editable sales page option for the next version of the proposal.

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