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OIOpublisher Beta Program

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The Beta program enables you to get hold of the latest OIO features before they are officially released, and is a great way to help test and improve the ad platform.

How do I install the beta software?

Simply login to your account, go to the download page and select the “beta” option. You can upgrade from an older version of OIO to the beta version just as you would normally by overwriting the files, although the beta is not available through the automatic upgrade process.

Will my feedback be properly considered?

Yes! Bug reports and suggestions to improve the usability of the script are always taken seriously, and all good ideas will be implemented when possible. Please leave all your feedback in the forum.

Introducing OIOpublisher 2.1 Beta:

* you can now create as many pricing options as you desire, each with a different purchase length
* when an ad expires, the advertiser is now asked to re-select a pricing option
* ad zones can now be enabled (for your own use) without ad spots being available for purchase
* all reported bugs from the 2.0x line have been fixed

» Download it now

Can I keep my existing templates for this version?

Unfortunately, the changes in OIO 2.1 mean that the template files in the “core” directory will need replacing. The other template directories do not need to be replaced.

What are you going to be working on next?

* coupon codes for ad purchases
* more payment methods
* a brand new (properly designed!) ad purchase theme

18 Comments so far

aSKer | January 10, 2009

Sorry to ask about that, but there is something i dont understand, if i install this version of the plugin, will i be able to keep the ads ive already sold or do i need to restart everything from 0 ? (i.e. if a fresh start is needed, how can i do with my current advertisers?)

Hussein | January 10, 2009

Great. Looking forward for more updates. I feel so excited for the promo code feature.

TheFrosty | January 10, 2009

Cool, I’ll be glad to check that out! I know that I was having an error with the last 2.07 in Safari and WP 2.7, will let you know whats up!

Simon | January 11, 2009

@aSKer – it works in exactly the same way as a standard version upgrade. You won’t lose any settings or ad purchases. Just make sure you backup the oiopub tables in your database before upgrading to a beta version. :)

Bruce | January 11, 2009

I’m going to try this out, thanks.

Glad to see that there will be a brand new (properly designed!) ad purchase theme, any idea when? I’d rather hold off until then.

Something along the lines of the aMember forms would be very cool as a starting point.

The ability to customise the forms to slot into the posts, i.e. custom field data, etc would be cool, like the Mini Forms plugin.

What I don’t like about the current form is that when there is only 1 choice, there’s still a drop down box for the user to select! Clunky.

Would you like me to mock up some design ideas?

Simon | January 11, 2009

Any design ideas for the new theme are welcome. :)

I’ll be using the design firm that designed the OIO site – http://www.weborithm.com – they’ll take any ideas I throw at them and incorporate them.

Donace | January 11, 2009

Sounds great; a great function would be help in creating an ‘advertise’ page.

I.E. the purchase form along with site stats such as PR/Alexa/Linkback/Posts/Comments etc. That way they don’t ‘leave’ the site.

Also will the coupon codes etc be integrated in this release or a later one?

Mr Javo | January 12, 2009

I really like the idea of the coupon codes for ad purchases!

Simon | January 12, 2009

Coupon codes won’t be in 2.10 when it becomes the official release, but it will be in a later version of 2.1.

Ariel | February 8, 2009

Is there a timeline for when the release might come out of beta? I’m curious about the new features, but would rather wait for an official release … assuming it’s coming within the next month or so.

Simon | February 8, 2009

There’s no ETA on an official release at the moment. There will most likely be another beta release in the next week to accommodate further payment options however.

Ariel | February 8, 2009

Thanks, Simon! I’ll just keep my eyes peeled…

George | February 17, 2009

Any plans on us being able to offer an affiliate program for our own ads with a two-tier structure? I’d like to have a banner that let my affiliates get new affiliates to sell ads on my up-coming votedgreen.com search engine.


Simon | February 17, 2009

Hi George,

We haven’t really looked into the option of 2 level commissions for the affiliate module. I think it’s something worth following up on, but it wouldn’t be an immediate priority at this stage.

Simon | February 19, 2009

Just to keep everyone updated, I’m a bit behind on a couple of other things, so I might not get the next beta version out before the end of the month.

Deepanshu Goel | April 14, 2009

hi, is it safe to implement latest beta in wpmu 2.7 and also when will the stable version go live?

Deepanshu Goel | April 14, 2009

download page shows v2.10.b2 whereas changelog says that there is a v2.10.b3.

where can we download v2.10.b3

Simon | April 20, 2009

Sorry, didn’t see this comment until just now.

The beta version is no longer available, as v2.1 has just been made official. You can download it from the usual page, or use the web installer.

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