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90% Affiliate Commission in January!

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Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all our users!

To celebrate the New Year, we’re offering all new and existing affiliates 90% commission for all sales made during January 2009. No catches, no limits – any sale you drive via your account earns 90% of the sale value.

That’s $42.30 in your pocket for every sale you deliver this month. Good luck!

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3 Comments so far

Nelson | January 8, 2009

When we have a sale could we see some information about you bought it? For example the nick or something else?

Another question is if we can incentivate the buy of oiopublisher. For example for each person who buy under my affiliate could i give him $20 for example. In January i get $42.30 with each sale and i want to know if i can give some of these money to the person who bought it or it’s against your rules.


Simon | January 9, 2009

Hi Nelson,

You can offer any incentive you feel appropriate (privately), although the system doesn’t currently let you offer a discount from your affiliate fee automatically. I’ll consider it though.

Regarding sales info, we don’t have any plans to offer purchaser information to affiliates at this time.

Nelson | January 9, 2009

Yes i known that system doent’s let to offers a discount automatically. But i entend to do it manually.

I only ask about affiliates information to know if we have acess to some information to know who bought it. In that case i will ask a prove it bought.

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