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Upgrading to OIOpublisher 2.0

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This originated from a forum post, but I thought it may be useful to others looking to upgrade from v1 of the plugin:

1.) Backup your database (people don’t often take any notice, but with any large upgrade it is essential).

2.) It’s also a good idea to backup the old v1 oiopub folder in case you need to downgrade.

3.) Do a fresh upload of the v2 files (ie. delete or rename the old version folder first) – it’s better than just uploading the new version over the old version.

4.) The upgrade itself just requires you to login to your WordPress admin area once you have uploaded the new files, at which point you will be asked to confirm you would like to upgrade. The process is then completed automatically.

5.) Finally, be aware that the way text links are handled changes in v2. They now work like banner ads, using zones. Any existing text ad purchases will be moved into zone 1 after the upgrade.

An extra note on the text ads. You can still emulate the old style of display, using WordPress conditionals. You could place the is_home() conditional around a zone, for example, to only display it on the blog home page.

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4 Comments so far

Ellie | October 14, 2008

The new OIOPublisher does not work with Firefox 3. After the first row of ads, the sidebar is cut off and below the main content. I have gone back to the old version.

Deepanshu Goel | October 19, 2008

rolled back to 1.62 after 2.0 turned my ads upside down.

after going to 2.0 my ads disappeared from every javascript output, atlast i had to roll back to 1.62.

About Scams | December 9, 2008

Version 2 sucks!

Simon | December 20, 2008

You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but next time maybe you could consider providing some constructive criticism as opposed to a sweeping assertion. ;)

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