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Immediate OIO Roadmap

Filed under: Development

What’s next on the agenda? Where do we go from here?

Below is a list of some of the things that will be tackled next. As you’ll see, it’s quite a substantial list, so asking for ETAs on anything specific at this point is useless. ;)

Script Enhancements:

* add a bot detection to the stats tracker (to help with inflated click through stats) [done]
* construct a dedicated default ads module (and allow default ads to be tracked)

Marketplace Changes:

* re-design submission / API processes to allow for multiple sites to be linked to one ad server
* activate marketplace “shopping cart” system, and display purchase / stats data on listing profiles

Misc Changes:

* web installer, to allow ‘click and go’ installation of OIO with just a few clicks to any server [done]
* complete 2.0 documentation section (currently inactive)

At the moment I’m working on the web installer, which is already functional, but lacks a few finishing touches. After that, we’ll see how priorities stack up before deciding what to tackle next.

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