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Welcome to OIOpublisher 2.0!

Filed under: Development

A new site, a new ad platform, and lots of new features!

Hopefully you’ll find the new version even more useful than the old one. We’ve worked hard to produce it, and will continue to do so in order to improve it.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be polling users regarding new payment options, and implementing new marketplace services. Enjoy!

2 Comments so far

Evan | October 27, 2008

This Program is EXTREMELY sexy!!

I’m in!

But not until you answer a few questions.

Here is what I’m looking for:

I have a few blogs at blogger.com.

1. Can I use your program with them, and if so, 2. Do you provide “howto” instructions
3. Is the currently available version a Beta ver?

That’s all for now.

The promptness of your response will also help in gauging the quality of your support. But considering today is Sunday (Colorado, USA) I think getting a reply by Tuesday is a reasonable expectation.

Evan James

Simon | December 20, 2008

Ah, looks like I may have failed in the “prompt response” category there! Never saw the comment come through unfortunately – check the forum for a more realistic level of quality of support. ;)

You can use it with blogger blogs, however you must have a php / mysql compatible web host to install OIO on. Once installed, there is a javascript ad output option, meaning you can show the ads on any site of you choosing.

As for how-to guides, it’s as simple as configuring the ad zones you want to use in the settings area. Once configured, you’ll see the javascript code you’ll need to add to your site. Here’s an example of a banner ad zone, where you’ll see all the config options as well as the ad code to use.

The current version (2.07) is not beta, however I will be releasing 2.1 shortly (which will be in beta initially).

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